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Such bad taste, but at least memorable!

As the name suggests, this website links visitors to my business pages. If your visit is as a result of seeing the address on my car, I apologise if my driving seemed less exemplary than I like to think it is! Although I occasionally run a bit late for an appointment so tend to drive as fast as sense allows, I legally have to say that I rarely (if ever) exceed the speed limit and never drive without due care and attention as I fully respect other road users' safety - and, without wishing to appear too flippant, I wouldn't want to lose my fifteen years' no claim bonus!

Anyway, now you're here, if you'd like to access my main business's website (not as boring as you might presume from the title), please click on the above logo. A secondary business arose some years ago as a diversification brought about by my provision of free websites for clients. If you are looking for a unique domain name that is relevant to you, please click on one or both of the following banners:

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I have recently made myself available for minor media matters such as radio & television commercials and television & film assignments. For an example of my showreel portfolio, please click on the following:

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However, in addition to my formal businesses, I might occasionally have some other venture that may be of interest to the public. I shall be using this address to advertise any such occurence.

My current project is the sale of my registration number (as seen at length in the recent Channel 4 documentary), which is shown here on my last two cars:

The wheels at chez moi


This number has been a wonderful marketing tool for the last dozen years or so. It's probably even more memorable than N1GEL because of its blatant substitution of the "wrong" number. I anticipate it won't be a quick sale as the price is fairly restricting. I have owned it since it was released in March 1995, so I have had my "fussy" with it now and, as it has escalated so much in value (due mainly to it being the only consecutive number to one that recently sold for quarter of a million pounds) it would be sensible for me to take this opportunity of having a less identifiable number - particularly as my driving is like it is! If you are interested in acquiring it for your vehicle, please make your first approach to either:

Link to N2GEL on


Link to N2GEL on

(who are selling it for several thousand pounds less)

If, once you have looked at the official market price, you would like to make a lower (but relatively sensible) offer, please don't hesitate in contacting me directly to negotiate. My national local rate number is 0845-500-1000 (I know, it's a pretty amazing number, isn't it) and, if I'm not able to pick up your call, it will be fine to leave me a message. I promise I'll get straight back to you if you leave me your number - or, by all means, call me on my mobile (07736-736-736 - as you may gather, I like "diamond" numbers). In an attempt at encouraging your contact, I shall add that, if you would also like to buy this domain name (, I shall include it for an additional consideration - but please be aware that this domain name is international (unlike and, etc. which are merely for UK websites) and consequently would be perfect for any of our namesakes throughout the whole world.

Missed Channel 4's documentary "YR 50 V41N" or desperate to see it again? Well, today's your lucky day, lol, and you can now see it on YouTube at:

Link to Channel 4's ''YR 50 V41N' on YouTube'

And here are links to a couple of relevant features from Scott Mills's show, "What's Occurrin'?", and 25 minutes into "a follow-up"

I'm also in the process of selling my wife's previous car:

Helen's previous car

A detailed description and further photos can be seen by clicking here.

Other offers will be listed here as they become available/applicable. In the meantime, I thank you for visiting this page and I hope you have found it to be of interest - even if the only interesting item happened to be a link to another site!

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