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If you are seeking an informative accountancy website that is totally unique and refreshingly different from the normal standard, please proceed to our index by clicking on the above "N.E.W. Accountancy Services" logo (or here). If you do, we are sure you will have no regrets, either now or (if you decide to take things further) in the future!

We fully accept that this introductory page may not be as slick as the majority of accountancy websites (which are all much the same), but we have changed very little over the years, as it still attracts the type of client we prefer to work for and with (those with a similar sense of humour, who are looking for an accountancy practice with a serious and responsible attitude towards business, but still retains their perspective on life, and is prepared to stand by their beliefs, rather than following the crowd) and we keep the dated graphics as they were created/awarded years before virtually any of our competition had a website, when the only way to get one was by designing and writing one oneself, so we are still rather proud of our achievement and heritage. However, despite that still being true, we have now bowed to Google's requirements (in order to maintain our historically top rating) and are currently in the process of having a completely new website written, but retaining our quirkiness to ensure we aren't identical to every other accountant's internet presence! If you are interested in what has been done, please pop back in a week or two's time.

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(Isn't that pathetic! Wouldn't you have thought that the world's highest ranking Accountancy Services site should have attracted at least a million hits after so many years - it almost makes one think accountancy sites aren't popular!)

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